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Live from The Hampton's. @drebombay #StudioLife

5 years ago today my Beautiful Wife gave birth to 2 of my favorite people in the world…Happy Birthday to August & Pleasant!!

And the Summer Begins!!!! @brokenpausebutton #hamptons

It's All About The Art!!! What's your Art??? #allabouttheart #daynejordan

Summer Madness: “Summertime 5″ & This Season’s Playlist from All Hip Hop

“I think I was in my dad’s van.  We were riding around and it came on the radio,” Mick (once known as Mick Boogie) replied when asked him about hearing the 1991 Hip-Hop classic, “Summertime,” for the first time.  “I …

Summertime 5 on the @Sonos!!! Get the Summertime 5 Mixtape Here!! #Sonos #summertime5

Had a Blast @ The Do Over LA yesterday!!! @gaslampkiller was amazing as usual!!! #dooverla #bestpartyontheplanet

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!!! Summertime 5 Mixtape Drops Today!!!! @djjazzyjeff & @iammick #summertime5

EPMD!!!! That's All!!! Chicago

The Legendary @mystikal…Smashed Chicago tonight!!!! #legendary

Had a Blast with Everyone in Chicago but I wanna wish my brother on the wheels @djscratch a very Happy Birthday!!! #legendary #immaplayjason

Tomorrow. It's almost here. #summertime5 available at Summertime.FM. #homebase cc: @djjazzyjeff

So this happened yesterday – the recording of the intro for #summertime5. Featuring the legendary Biz Markie over @6thsense production. Wow. Coming This Saturday June 21st!!!

Well, it's done. And wow… do we have some treats for you!@iammick and @djjazzyjeff present #summertime5 this SATURDAY at

Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! You have always been the template I try to follow! #PJT #Bubba

1 more week till Summertime Pt 5 drops. Let @djjazzyjeff & @iammick Dj your Bbq!! #june21 #classic

@djferno Look at MJ…Bong!!! #rookievrsvet #caught

@djferno Are you SURE you wanna mess with Jordan???? WOW…That Fast. #iinventedthis #MJ

#Repost from @therealdosage Maaaannn… I wrote a long heart felt caption about this and it deleted. I guess it wasn't meant. So I'll keep it short and straight to the point. NEW MUSIC/VIDEO via prod. by @djjazzyjeff! We've been looking forward to releasing this piece for a while. I'd like to give a special thanks to @cristopherschafer @filmmakingtreezy @dexterdcoheniei & @vizink for helping to bring the artistic vision to life. It's an honor to have @questlove & @jamespoyser touch the record as well (I'm slightly downplaying how excited the kid is about having their blessing on this record)! Lol Last and definitely not least, I would like to thank everyone of you that have continued to support my music by either reaching out to me, reposting, or simply passing my art along to others regardless of if their followers like their status's or not. I really appreciate it though. No bullshittin!+… Other than that, I have a number where y'all can reach me and let me know your thoughts on the song and visual or if you would like to just chop it up! Hit me after you tune in and let me know what you think 267-225-3427! Yes I'll really be responding. #Dream#Drive#Determination #DayneJordan

Dayne Jordan teams up with Philadelphia legends DJ Jazzy Jeff, James Poyser and Questlove for "All About The Art". Art comes in many forms, what's your art?Text Dayne Jordan and let him know your thoughts!267-225-3427 Check out the Video at