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The Great Pauly Yamz @Eminem & I when we did the unreleased "You Here Me"#TBT

This Just Happened!!!! Maschine Studio!!!#Beats #vinyldestination

One Upon a Time…I was supposed to release some sneakers by Pro Keds…then something happened..& it all went away!!! #couldabeen

Ok…this was Really Dope!!!! I need a Print of this!!! shout to @naturel for this 1

The Flt Hm is when I always take a deep breath & count my blessings…Had an Amazing Tour!!! Thank You!!!

Russian Burger King…Moscow!!!! Gotta get something for the flt!!!

This is the flt is delayed face!!!! #vinyldestination

Looking forward to a Great Meal with the crew!!!! If we can not use our phones for a few (WiFi) struggles!!!! #vinyldestination Bucharest

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Shout Out to the legend @davidrodigan who is a Great Inspiration for ALL DJ's At 60 something years old still wowing crowds all over…Including Me!!! Thx to @djcashmoney

Live in Manchester England!!! #vinyldestination in full effect!!!

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Dope Shirt!!!! Thx #vinyldestination

The NOD MONSTER GOTTEM!!!! @steveeblast #nosleep #vinyldestination #airportstruggle

And I'm this FAST in Real Life Too…Lol!!!! #RealDjs #vinyldestination

Check Out @djferno New Series "Breaking Glad"!!!! Where everything is just HAPPY!!!! #vinyldestination

Sometimes I'm grumpy after the show..n I need a Snickers Bar!!!! #vinyldestination

Vinyl Destination Crew…@vabeanz & @djferno chilling in Sheffield England!!! #vinyldestination

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince Fan Club

DJ Jazzy Jeff has the best fans around and they all just so happen to be the from www.jazzyjefffreshprince.comĀ fan club.

This is putting in WORK!!!! That's called SWEAT!!! If u DON'T put in THIS KINDA WORK…DON'T COMPLAIN!!!! #VinylDestination