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Rest in Music My Brotha…Still Missing You!@DJAM Rocks! #awyeah

What the hell is my dog Remix doing…this dude is crazy!!!!

Ok…if u know me I'm far from a hater…I don't even tell people what I DON'T like..I respect anyone who wants to be a DJ of any kind…u don't have to be a super great dj…just try…but the 1 thing that I will absolutely HATE ON IS FAKING IT!!!! My good friend and Great Dj @skratchbastid saw these guys playing there whole set internally on there computer and were FAKING turning knobs and searching for songs while there whole set was PRE RECORDED…NOT COOL TO ME…How would u feel going to a LAKERS Game n finding out they were faking…or Jay Z n Justin Timberlake faked there tour??? Djs including myself work too hard to except this and I wanna personally say…NOT COOL @DVBBS…u guys may make great tunes but FAKE DJING IS NOT COOL!!!!

Help…somebody gave me this really dope shirt in Chicago…but they seem to think I'm a 2xl…Lol…who gave me this????

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Game Changer Curates Music for Life

DJ Jazzy Jeff loves to take trips down memory lane. The music icon was in Atlanta to curate the inaugural Jukebox: A Retro Active Dance Party series at 595 North. Playing before a packed house, the turntablist bobs his head precisely to the rhythm …

@sierrantaylor in the Summertime shirt available on"


Double Everything at Roscoe's for @djferno…NO COMMENT!!!

While @skillzva Does Runyon….

Do Over in Portland!!!! @DjDay is killing it!!!!

Do Over in PDX Going Down Right Now!!!!

Classic Moment…Esco,Me & Busta @ the Hennessy Event in NYC…The Convo was Doper than the Photo!!!

@SkillzVa & The Summertime Mixtape Guys!!!@djjazzyjeff & @iammick @ the Hennesy Event NYC.

Get Your Throwback Shirt Right Here!!!…LOL #throwback #backntheday

Thanks to my man Mall for the shirt!!! Very Deep!!!

Ok…I know it Saturday..But Me & @djferno on a Sunday Cruise!!!! #69 RS SS

Just Had 2 Bring Her Out…Sunday Car Show!!!

Sunday Car Show…His & Hers!!!

Sunday Car Show…

2 Great Friends..FP & RP. Something's Cookin…I smell it!!!