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Guess who's doing a show at Fort Hood in Texas Today!!! #JJFP

Wait…is that a Jordan with a Adidas sock????? Noooooooo!!!!!

Congrats to my partner & his son…After Earth Premier NYC!!!

Were Both Hunting Wabbits…Huuuuuuuhhhh

Vinyl Destination episode 11

VINYL DESTINATION | EPISODE 11 from DJ Jazzy Jeff on Vimeo. In this week’s episode, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew say farewell to Europe with stops in Bristol, Rotterdam, Minehead, and Southport. This trip to the UK was especially memorable …

Live Right Now on @SiriusXM Backspin!!!Summer is Here!!!!Look Out for Pt 4 Coming Soon!!!! DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick!!!!

I miss Instagram sooooo bad!!!!! Lol

Like I said…LA to London to Vegas in 48 hrs…Vinyl Destination is Real!!! Had a great time in London rocking with Will & Jaden. We did the Graham Norton Show then went to see Trey DJ & he was really good. Now back on the plane to Vegas to Rock Moon at the Palms tonight!!! I love my life & truly blessed. Now it's time to sleep…10 hrs to Vegazzz

This is what LA to London to Vegas in 2 days looks like!!! #shouldagotsomesleep

After Earth QnA in London…

LA to London to Vegas in less than 48 hrs…Vinyl Destination is REAL!!!!

Mike B @theemikeb at The Do Over LA

Check it Out!!!

Crack of Dawn Airport Vibe!!! Vinyl Destination Week!!!

This is what working on a Classic Looks like!!!! Coming Soon @therealdosage n @djjazzjeff215

My man @skratchbastid playing Rock by my man @djspinna in Montreal


Someone sent me this email…I REALLY think they have the wrong email address…LOL

Say hey to my dude @vabeanz !!!! Lol

@vabeanz. Meet Wreckit Ralph