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Guess who's doing a show at Fort Hood in Texas Today!!! #JJFP

Wait…is that a Jordan with a Adidas sock????? Noooooooo!!!!!

Congrats to my partner & his son…After Earth Premier NYC!!!

Were Both Hunting Wabbits…Huuuuuuuhhhh

Vinyl Destination episode 11

VINYL DESTINATION | EPISODE 11 from DJ Jazzy Jeff on Vimeo. In this week’s episode, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the crew say farewell to Europe with stops in Bristol, Rotterdam, Minehead, and Southport.┬áThis trip to the UK was especially memorable …

Live Right Now on @SiriusXM Backspin!!!Summer is Here!!!!Look Out for Pt 4 Coming Soon!!!! DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick!!!!

I miss Instagram sooooo bad!!!!! Lol

Like I said…LA to London to Vegas in 48 hrs…Vinyl Destination is Real!!! Had a great time in London rocking with Will & Jaden. We did the Graham Norton Show then went to see Trey DJ & he was really good. Now back on the plane to Vegas to Rock Moon at the Palms tonight!!! I love my life & truly blessed. Now it's time to sleep…10 hrs to Vegazzz

This is what LA to London to Vegas in 2 days looks like!!! #shouldagotsomesleep

After Earth QnA in London…

LA to London to Vegas in less than 48 hrs…Vinyl Destination is REAL!!!!

Mike B @theemikeb at The Do Over LA

Check it Out!!!

Crack of Dawn Airport Vibe!!! Vinyl Destination Week!!!

This is what working on a Classic Looks like!!!! Coming Soon @therealdosage n @djjazzjeff215

My man @skratchbastid playing Rock by my man @djspinna in Montreal


Someone sent me this email…I REALLY think they have the wrong email address…LOL

Say hey to my dude @vabeanz !!!! Lol

@vabeanz. Meet Wreckit Ralph