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ClassyWitKicks with DJ Ferno

Classics Hair Salon and Barber shop hosted their first ClassyWitKicks event. Providing a party and hair/fashion show with a abundance of great tunes, DJ Ferno once again proves that he’s one of the best in the making. Enjoy! -Brianna Lopez

“Mother City to get all that Jazz” Cape Town Interview

  “Back when hip hop music still looked fun (on a phat lace budget) and lacked the pompous posturing, DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince were its poster boys. The 1980s duo wore pastel tees, kaleidoscopic jackets and cool …

RIP to my Friend Dj AM…I Still miss my homie…Great Times!!!! #RealDjs

Life Colors

In an attempt to mold the edges between colors, more so by using music, LRG and Complex present Life Colors by DJ Jazzy Jeff. An hour long mix including tunes from today the 90′s and even some 80′s pop classics. …

Throwback Thursday’s Contest Winner (week 25)

Congratulations to Derek Burns for winning last weeks Throwback Thursday’s Contest. Here is what he submitted. Enjoy!

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Throwback Thursday’s Contest

Throwback Thursday’s Contest Have you attended a DJ Jazzy Jeff show, and took a picture with the man himself? Maybe you’ve gotten your hands on some exclusive tour merchandise, or you took a trip down memory lane and came across …

Gettin my Flinstones on in Disney!!!

“Which Way 3D Mix”

Where has the Dream, Drive, and Determination gone in a city whose unity goes overlooked? Eighteen artists, twelve producers, and one audio engineer incorporate individuality with the common and uncommon to contrive a musical masterpiece most wouldn’t expect from the …

“Which Way” 3D Mix set for release Tomorrow 8/21/2012

The more then extreme and highly anticipated “Which Way” 3D Mix is set to be released tomorrow. MC Dosage invites 17 of Philadelphia’s up and coming to collaborate on his already popular single “Which Way,” released on his latest project …

Custom 62

What r those??? #sneakerheat

Golden Moment!!!! #sneakerheat

Pays to be sample size…#sneakerheat

I'm taking her out to play today!!!

Can u say.."The Terminal"…LOL

How I'm feelin on the flt hm…

Photos from the Do Over Portland at

The Do Over in Portland Rocked!!!!

Throwback Thursday Contest (week 23)

Congratulations to Angelo DjLo Fajardo for winning last weeks Throwback Thursday’s Contest. Here is what he submitted. Enjoy!