Summer Madness: “Summertime 5″ & This Season’s Playlist from All Hip Hop


“I think I was in my dad’s van.  We were riding around and it came on the radio,” Mick (once known as Mick Boogie) replied when asked him about hearing the 1991 Hip-Hop classic, “Summertime,” for the first time.  “I immediately went out and tried to buy all the clothes from the video.  I also wondered why my non-rhythm-having white family couldn’t dance like that at our family reunions.”

Fast-forward 23 years and Mick is dropping the fifth installment of the Summertime mixtape series with one of the “Summertime” song creators, DJ Jazzy Jeff.  The duo’s annual release again finds the two DJs putting together a collection of songs in the spirit of the summer season.

“I’ve always said that in colder climates summertime means a lot more to people than it does in the Miami or L.A. areas because you pretty much have 80 degree weather on Christmas,” Jeff said.

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Article by Shad Reed