DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination Crew start out their adventures in Seoul, Korea enjoying a little taste of home. Are Philly cheesesteaks really better in Seoul than in Philly? The crew gears up for an epic night at the Do Over, but Korean 5-0 had other plans. Jeff and the guys were deflated by the anticlimactic event, but it was nothing a little Korean BBQ couldn’t fix.

Next up is Tokyo, Japan. Before getting ready to hop on two different stages at Soulfest, Jeff meets up with lots of old friends including Biz Markie, Psycho Les, Ju Ju, and lots more. Gadget freaks Jeff and Biz go mano a mano to see who will win the title of Most Tech Savvy. The first show at Soulfest goes off without a hitch and the team takes that momentum to the second stage. And exchange between Skratch Bastid and a fan gets lost in translation. Luckily the universal language of DJs and selfies reigns suprem