DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Vinyl Destination crew arrive in Wichita, Kansas. DJ Ferno is determined to discover everything Wichita has to offer and believes there’s no better way than a helicopter ride around the city. Despite a compelling sales pitch, he is unsuccessful in recruiting anyone to join him in the “golf cart in the sky.” Jeff doesn’t need a helicopter to have a good time. After an electrifying show, DJ Jazzy Jeff enjoys a high flying view of his own, watching Mayer Hawthorne’s killer performance from the venue’s balcony.

Next the crew boards a much larger aircraft headed to the Pacific Northwest for the Shambhala Festival. The crew quickly realizes they’re not in Kansas anymore as highways turn into dirt roads and a herd of cattle welcome them to the festival grounds. They guys have no idea what to make of the off-the-grid locale. Luckily Jeff’s dear friend DJ Skratch Basitd is on site to show him the ropes. It turn out, the Shambhala Festival is a music lovers dream. Jeff has the time of his life playing for an unforgettable set for an amazing crowd of music lovers. To experience the magic that is Shambhala, check out DJ Jazzy Jeff’s epic set here: