On the universal day of love, Dayne Jordan released the video for Family Man from his autobiographical LP Memoirs of Dayne JordanFamily Man chronicles a man’s internal struggle to make sense of the complex dynamics between men and women. With brutal honesty, Jordan decodes the mind of a young man influenced by society and plagued with self doubt. Mainstream media’s depiction of men and women continues to promote negative self-image and unrealistic relationship ideals, resulting in what Jordan calls “a generation lost and looking for love.” He calls on the Family Man to be the first line of defense against broken homes and fleeting family values. Director Cristopher Schafer fearlessly illustrates Jordan’s poignant message with intense imagery and scenes filled with unfiltered emotion. In an ironic twist, Jordan uses famous sitcom titles long associated with quintessential family life to recount is own family experience. The stark contrast is proof that family life isn’t always made for TV.