I've never really reflected on what I have done over the past 30 years...I think I have been afraid to because I love it more now than I did when i started and reflecting on the past stops the present & future in my brain. Dayne Jordan's mom gave him this photo of Will & I and her girlfriend taken at 30 street station the day we did our very 1st album photo shoot (why we did it outside the train station I'll never know) but to take me back to THAT moment has me reflecting...Maybe because I'm 15000 miles away from hm...maybe losing a good friend a few days ago or maybe it's just time to take a moment and just reflect...I give thanks very often but that's not reflecting. This just caught me off guard...that moment & that time was shared with someone who I do not know and to be reconnected via Dayne  Jordan is...Special!!! #JJFP4EVER