#Repost from @therealdosage with @repostapp --- Aye, I don't know how many of y'all are familiar with @djjazzyjeff's #vinyldestination web series but it might be something worth looking into. He's been fortunate enough to keep music alive all around the world and wanted to share what he experienced while doing so. Soon after, @cristopherschafer and Jeff decided to create a show that will show places in the world that some of us probably wouldn't have known existed while also getting to see the pros and cons of being a traveling DJ. IT CONFIRMED WHY I REFUSE AND I REPEAT (WHY I REFUSE) TO BE A LOCAL ARTIST! Out of my most recent found inspiration you get a @vinyl_destination theme song! @djferno & I were up at like 4am one day in the studio and began creating. Jeff put the #touch on it and it became what I think will be apart of THE BIG PICTURE...You should tune in... DON'T EVER FORGET... "It's a world out there"#Dream#Drive#Determination#DayneJordan