Exclusive: DJ Jazzy Jeff details the transition from vinyl to Serato and says he’s talked with Will Smith about the possibility of a tour together.

When your resume lists DJ, producer and actor, it’s safe to say that you have a solid spot in entertainment. When you’ve deejayed around the world, produced a record that earned thefirst Rap Grammy Award and acted as a character in an iconic sitcom, it’s safe to say that your spot is deeply rooted.

As a music provider, DJ Jazzy Jeff is known for making crowds rock, whether he’s lugging crates or carrying his digital collection on his back. He started 2014 by playing for 15,000 people in Dubai and then knocked them out when he brought out his former partner-in-crime Will Smith for a last-minute, surprise reunion performance. Could that be the beginning of more to come? Jazzy flirts with the idea, teasing that it could be a possibility. On the solo side, what mainly separates Jazzy Jeff from his peers is his openness to the new. New artists, new genres, new sounds, new software. He understands that in order to move forward, you must embrace (at the least, recognize) the new generation. For any human, the evolving audio scope can be overwhelming but the Philly native is sure about one thing—his passion for music.

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