“All photographs by Daniel Swartz for the Recording Industry Association of America.

U STREET — While it’s pretty safe to say that President Obama didn’t wake-up Tuesday morning feeling like P. Diddy, the same couldn’t be said for the hundreds of revelers who flocked to the 9:30 Club late Monday night, for an inaugural charity benefit featuring DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ke$ha.

Co-hosted by nonprofit organization Musicians On Call, which delivers the healing power of music to patients in health care facilities, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), the private celebratory concert was well attended by many Washington insiders and VIPs in town for the holiday weekend (bet you didn’t know that former White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart is a Ke$ha fan).

The Fresh Prince’s former recording partner, born Jeff Townes, kicked the party-off with a 75-minute DJ set list that had the crowd literally jumping to ’90s and contemporary Top 40 favorites (concertgoers danced ‘Gangnam Style’).

The occasion was especially meaningful to Jazz, as the Grammy Award-winning musician literally celebrated his birthday during the concert, with RIAA Chairman and CEO Cary Sherman joining him on-stage to congratulate him with a celebratory plaque that honored his platinum-selling status as a recording artist (Ke$ha was also presented with a similar honor backstage).

By midnight, everyone had managed to make it to U Street from the official balls, which were held earlier in the evening at the convention center. And the sea of tuxedoes and ball gowns in the audience probably made it one of the best dressed crowds that the 9:30 Club has ever seen.

Ke$ha then dove into a nearly hour-long performance, which drew from all three of her platinum-selling albums and featured backup dancers, smoke machines, and, of course in true Ke$ha fashion, plenty of glitter.

The California native wasted little time in voicing her direct support for the President and made no apologies for her sometimes over-the-top wardrobe choices.

‘We R Who We R’, after all.”

(Source: Revamp)