On the Road with Bacardi Live, DJ Jazzy Jeff and DJ AM partner at the turntables in New Orleans. Interviewed on a stairwell, the two legends talk about a varitey of topics and interests.

“DJ AM, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and Matt & Kim entertained the beaded masses in New Orleans on this very special episode of On The Road With Bacardi B-LIVE. AM and Jazzy Jeff’s interview in the stairwell was actually interrupted by some voluptuous ladies who invited the boys to another bar with them. Sadly, the offer was declined. But we did learn that AM rode the same train as Jazzy when they were growing up in Philly, AND that he loves FADER 62′s cover artist Phoenix. So all’s well that ends well? Stay tuned for more episodes from future dates along the way including interviews, live performances and who knows what else only on FADER TV.”

-Brianna Lopez